About Us

Founded in 1991, Save Our Wild Salmon (SOS) is a nationwide coalition of conservation organizations, commercial and sportsfishing associations, businesses, river groups, and taxpayer advocates working collectively to restore self-sustaining, abundant, and harvestable populations of wild salmon and steelhead to rivers, streams and oceans of the Pacific Salmon states.

We focus our efforts on the Columbia and Snake River Basin , where in the time of Lewis and Clark up to 16 million wild salmon returned each year. Today, as few as ten thousand salmon return home to the Snake River. Join our exciting national campaign to restore these endangered salmon and steelhead. By partially removing four dams on the lower Snake River we can restore the Pacific Northwest's wild salmon and free-flowing rivers as vital economic engines for local communities.

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Our Partners:
Salmon Protection and Watershed Network
The Wilderness Society
Washington Kayak Club
Washington Trollers Association
Washington Wilderness Coalition
Washington Wildlife Federation
Water Watch of Oregon
Wild Angels
Willamette Riverkeepers