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LATEST ACTION: Time for stakeholder negotiations in Columbia-Snake Basin

President Obama was elected in 2008 on a platform that included a strong commitment to science-based policy. He has articulated a vision of policy-making where sound science, common-sense economics, and a healthy environment can go hand-in-hand.

Today, the President has a tremendous opportunity to make this vision a reality by applying the best science to protect salmon and grow jobs in the Columbia-Snake Basin. The Obama administration can work with leaders in the Northwest to convene an inclusive, collaborative stakeholder process in the Columbia-Snake Basin that can finally produce a comprehensive, legal plan based on science and economics. Together we can restore wild salmon, create jobs, and protect local communities. 

ACT NOW: Please contact President Obama today and urge him to do all he can to safeguard these magnificent creatures and ensure they are around for future generations to admire and cherish.

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