Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Introducing Buster

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While Fin, our king-size wild chinook salmon, has stolen the spotlight so far as the lead ambassador on the road show, we'd also like you to meet Buster, the wild sockeye salmon who's been with us for years. Along the way, Buster has delivered his message of breaching the lower Snake River dams to anyone who will pay attention. He's met businesses, kids, members of Congress, the media and more. And he's back on the road with us on this trip too.

This morning, while he was reading recent press coverage on the Snake River campaign, we interrupted his breakfast to ask Buster how he was feeling so far about the road show.

He looked up from the latest salmon cover story from the Cascadia Times, and called the trip "amazing." It's inspiring, he said, to share stories with the human community. Continuing to wax poetic (Buster does that sometimes), he added, "Both Fin and I see our role as helping to strengthen the bond between salmon and people; part of the great chain of being in the Northwest. The survival of wild salmon and steelhead really depends upon the awareness and decisions people make, from Senators to salmon charters."

In fact, Buster was so so thrilled to find himself on shores of the Pacific Ocean this morning that he ran off and made us this video. We hope you like it.


KyndKyd said...

This is probably the most inspirational film I have EVER seen on the subject. It just shows that despite such a hard life, the salmon is a hopeful and joyful fish that, given the opportunity, just wants to dance.

David said...

I agree. How inspiring.