Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fin hits Davis!

DAVIS — Friday, the road show traveled to Fred T. Korematsu Elementary, where we met up with Lowell Ashbaugh, the Conservation Director and President of the Fly Fishers of Davis.

"We need to take the salmon survival crisis seriously. We have talked and studied long enough. Wild salmon are endangered along the entire West Coast. The recent collapse of salmon returns on the Sacramento River is a wake-up call. Our political leaders need to act decisively and pull people together to obtain solid long-term solutions or we will lose these fish," Lowell said. "If we don't act now, we will lose salmon and all they bring to our communities and the region, including their estimated $255 million boost to California's economy."

Thank you Representative Thompson of California for helping to blaze the path in protecting and restoring our wild salmon!

Nate, Lowell Ashbaugh and Bill at Fred T. Korematsu Elementary in Davis, Calif.

Fred T. Korematsu Elementary students in Davis, Calif. want to Save Our Wild Salmon!

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