Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Give a Dam for Salmon

Today, at Salmon HQ in Portland, we're doing a bit of fall cleaning. Amongst the boxes we found this great poster from our friends at Patagonia...
The poster is from 2000, but the words still ring true:

For all the diversity they've given, sun and ocean have managed to bequeath us just one family of creature capable of journeying back and forth between the high altitudes of our continent's interior and the green ocean a thousand miles away — the celebrated wild salmon.

In 25 years, 4 Snake River dams have destroyed 90 percent of hte salmon, stalled the swiftest river of ists size on Earth and threatened the cultural heart of 500 generations of Indians supported by the Snake.

We are the last generation that will have a choice to do something to save the salmon, an epic icon.

Thanks for giving a dam for salmon, Patagonia!

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Louisa said...

I really dig what you guys are up to! Since moving to Oregon, I've been enamored by salmon. I just posted some pictures of dam jumping (most of them didn't make it) at Eagle Creek in Columbia River Gorge. Incredible creatures!