Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are you connected?

Today, the intrepid Bobby Hayden and I will attempt to do the impossible — get our board and staff connected to social media. Props to Bobby for the cool graphic too!

Save Our Wild Salmon has been ramping up our social media efforts over the last year and we've seen a huge impact with increased visible public support, stronger relationships with our business partners, increased media attention and even a nod or two from our elected leaders.

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So, what is social media? Social media is all about multi-faceted communication. It's about connecting you with like-minded folks. It’s designed to stream information through social interaction via the internet and social networks. While we still need to support our traditional media goals, social media supports the human need for interaction, and makes it possible to broadcast information to the masses in an instant.

Here's a quick video that amplifies the fundamental shift in the way we communicate today.

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