Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oregon Gubenatorial Candidates Discuss What's at Stake for Salmon

Together with Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, Oregon Wild, Oregon Environmental Council, and Environment Oregon, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters hosted an Environmental Gubernatorial Debate on Tuesday, and salmon were a hot topic.

Over 1,000 people watch as gubernatorial candidates Allen Alley, Bill Bradbury and John Kitzhaber debated a variety of issues, but the three spent a fair amount of time focusing on Oregon's iconic species, from watershed issues to what the impact of climate change is on these fish.

When asked "what would you do to protect and bring back Oregon salmon?" by panelist Bob Van Dyk, Professor of Politics and Government at Pacific University and Forest Policy Adviser for the Wild Salmon Center, Alley responded with
"How much does it cost and how much are we willing to spend?"

We'd counter that by asking, what's the cost of NOT protecting salmon? We're hoping the discussion continues throughout the race!

You can watch the whole debate here. Salmon discussion starts around 44:00.

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