Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday River Wrap-Up

While we're busy trying to protect salmon on the Snake River, there is plenty of other great work happening on other rivers around the country. So we're devoting every Friday to giving you some of the highlights. Here's what made us happy this week:

Many of State's High Hazard Dams Go Uninspected - Article featuring the great work of one of our great partners, American Rivers
“Where dams are no longer doing what they were built to do, let’s remove them, rather than fix them,’’ said Alison Bowden, who directs the freshwater program for The Nature Conservancy. “Sometimes, the real hazard is created because the dam is there.’’
Celebrate Rivers: Did You Know 600,000 River Miles Are Impounded Behind Dams? - Taking a look at the impact of dams from a paddler's perspective via Epicocity Project

Torpedo the Dams -- To Prevent More Floods
- A great Op-Ed in the Boston Globe

D.C Bag Tax Collects $150,000 in January for River Cleanup - Less single-use plastic and more money for river cleanups. We love it!

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[Photo via: Epicocity Project]

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