Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday River Wrap-Up

What's hot on the rivers this week? Here's our weekly river wrap-up.

10 Endangered Vacations: Salmon Fishing on the Snake River -- The Daily Green rounds up some of the best vacations that are currently under threat... what's the main reason salmon fishing on the Snake River is at risk? "In a word: Dams." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Milestone Toward Elwha Dam Removal -- Oregon Public Broadcasting takes a look at the latest steps towards dam removal in Washington. Glines Canyon Dam and Elwha Dam are the two nation's biggest hydroelectric dams scheduled for destruction to date.

San Joaquin River's Flow Extends to Pacific Again -- A historic moment in California: "The San Joaquin River is now flowing from Friant Dam to the Pacific Ocean, reaching the first milestone in a plan to bring back Chinook salmon... It has been decades since the river flowed continuously from the dam to the ocean during spring, summer and fall without the help of an unusually wet year."

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[Photo via: Fresno Bee]

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