Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bringing The Story of Snake River Salmon Home

Save Our Wild Salmon, EP and the International League of Conservation Photographers have joined forces to tell the story of the Snake River's one of a kind salmon and the place they call home.

How do you inspire people to save wild salmon? Give them provocative and beautiful images. That's why we brought in these guys...
Andy and Kyle of the EP crew and Neil of iLCP put some muscle into the game of salmon saving. Thanks guys!

In all seriousness, for the last week, we've waded in the water with sockeye just released into Redfish Lake, crouched on the bank of Marsh Creek watching wild chinook salmon spawning and spent time with the people on the ground in Idaho working so hard to save these fish from extinction.
It's clear the building blocks to recovery are right here in this wild habitat. We just have to get the fish here. And I have to believe that if more people could witness the incredible life salmon — stand on the bank watching a mother salmon knock the flesh off her own body to dig a nest for her babies, or catch a flash of red as a sockeye zipped through the blue waters of Redfish, or witness the last breaths of a spawned out salmon that will return its nutrients to the waters and land of its birth — they'd do what it takes to save them.

And that's why we're here — to bring that story home through images we've captured along the way. To inspire this generation to save wild salmon for us and future generations. Because at the end of the day it's up to us. It will be our actions that decide if we save wild salmon.

Watch for more images and video in the coming months. And take action to save wild salmon today.

PHOTOS © Emily Nuchols


Gary O. Grimm said...

I was able to capture stills and video of chinook jumping up Dagger Falls on the Middle Fork of the Salmon on July 4, 2010. Below is a link to 6 still images.

I plan to create a Google Earth Fly in from the mouth of the Columbia to Dagger Falls and to Redfish Lake and add the video soon.

Jeff Butts said...

Look forward to the video's and we are behind your efforts, so keep up the great message you are sending, and more an more people will start to get it.

MARK said...

Headwaters to the Sea. Investigate the significance of anadromous fish. The beauty of the water they move through, the nutrients they carry, and the value inherent in their existence. Preserve it! Or, how "" stupid are we???