Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Watershed Moment

Snake River © Matt Leidecker 

Salmon and communities have just won a tremendous victory! 


Federal Judge James Redden has rejected the Obama Administration's $10 billion Salmon and Steelhead Plan for the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Since 2001, three plans from three administrations - Clinton, Bush, and now Obama - have been ruled illegal for similar reasons: failing to provide imperiled salmon and steelhead with a real shot at survival – and ultimately, recovery. The message is clear: the government's old efforts have failed, and we need a new approach.

Salmon and fishing advocates, the state of Oregon, and the Nez Perce and Spokane Tribes who opposed the administration's plan are cheering this crucial ruling and stand ready to move forward. The court’s decision presents a tremendous opportunity for the businesses, fishermen, and citizens who have been working for years to restore healthy wild salmon and steelhead populations, invest in clean energy alternatives, and save taxpayer dollars.

The real work, however, is just beginning.

The Obama Administration along with members of Congress must work with affected stakeholders to chart a new course for wild salmon and salmon-dependent communities that provides solutions based on good science and economics.  We anticipate that this court ruling - and the Endangered Species Act - will continue to come under attack from some anti-salmon members of the U.S. Congress. Therefore it's all the more important for the administration to engage now.

Send a message to President Obama and key members of his administration. 


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