Friday, August 19, 2011

Work Party for a Portland Gem

Participants in Portland's 2011 Backyard Collective

Members of the Save Our Wild Salmon crew were on hand for this year's Backyard Collective hosted by the Conservation AllianceThe Backyard Collectives provide a great way for member companies of the Alliance and Alliance grantee organizations to link up and give back to their local communities.

This year we were in Portland's Forest Park.  At over 5000 acres, with 70 miles of trails, 170 species of native fauna, 100 species of native flora, and all within 5 minutes from downtown, Forest Park is truly a local gem. We split up into teams and headed into the park to work alongside staff and volunteers from the Forest Park Conservancy and staff from the City of Portland.  The name of the game today was trail maintenance and restoration: pulling invasives, hauling rocks, shoveling gravel, digging dirt, re-sculpting the slope.

All in all it was a rewarding and productive day.  And we got to hang with some great folks from participating companies:  Keen, Columbia, REI, Merrell, Nau, Horny Toad, Icebreaker, Patagonia, Stanley

Volunteers from Merrell and Nau

Rhett and Jeff borrow dirt to rebuild the trail.  Thanks, Earth.

Serena Bishop from Conservation Alliance and Stephen Hatfield from Forest Park Conservancy
share some thoughts and give thanks.  Nice work everyone!

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