Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Greatest Migration Premieres at Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival

People in California sure do love letting salmon spawn! Or at least the crowd at Wild & Scenic Environmental Film does.

Last night we premiered The Greatest Migration here in Nevada City, CA. In a room packed with river and wild salmon supporters, we shared the screen with several other great films. Before kicking off the evening, our emcee and ecologist at South Yuba River Citizens League Derek Hitchcock mentioned the importance of the 4-4-2 plan, in reference to removal of the four dams on the Lower Snake River, the four on the Klamath and the two on the Yuba River. "Keystone species like salmon are like the cornerstone of a house. Everything depends on that cornerstone and would crumble without it. On the Snake River, more than 140 species depend on salmon. They are crucial and a when we protect a keystone species ... that species leads us to a better way of living."

In a room of supporters, it's heartening to know that we've got support behind this movement and that we just have to keep fighting!

As Will Shumin, farmer in the San Joaquin Valley and river advocate said, "Water is the most important thing in the world. We can live without oil. We can live without cars. But we can't live without water."
Andy Maser, Nicole Cordan and Trip Jennings answer questions at national premiere The Greatest Migration

We passed out swag, discussed the campaign with supporters and filled out postcards to President Obama. Thanks to everyone for all of your support! We're feeling a lot of Wild & Scenic love.

How can you help? Spread the word! Watch the film, share it with your friends, sign the petition, and keep supporting wild salmon!

We're throwing down tonight at The National Hotel along with the International League of Conservation Photographers, and The Greatest Migration filmmakers, EP Films to celebrate salmon and this excellent film. If you're in the area, come on out! First 50 people get free beer!

The Greatest Migration Teaser from EP Films on Vimeo.

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