Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vote for The Great Wild Salmon Run

Our friends at The Great Wild Salmon Run are finalists in the Pepsi Refresh Project. That means they're in the running for $250K in funding for projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.


The regional nonprofit based in Bellevue, WA , was recently notified that their public art project idea “Using the power of art to save the world ~ one Coho at a time," was approved.

The Great Wild Salmon Run could win one of two $250,000 grants from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Voting for the winning project opened at 6:00am ET today and ends midnight January 31.


Pepsi will announce the unique text-to-vote mobile code and provide the Pepsi Refresh Project App for the iPhone and Android. That information will be posted on the Great Wild Salmon Run web site www.greatwildsalmonrun.org

“We are thrilled to be in the running for this major grant,” Behrens-Benedict said. “The Great Wild Salmon Run is the largest regional philanthropic venture of its kind uniting art and the giving community to save this iconic fish.”

Building on successful animal parades such as the cows in Chicago, the pigs in Seattle and the elephant parade in London among others, the Great Wild Salmon Run will distribute 100 large scale fiberglass salmon sculptures in the cities bordering Lake Washington from Memorial Day 2011 through Labor Day. The original art sculptures will feature world-class artists of all disciplines from poets like Sherman Alexie to wild-life artists like Martin Aveling. After the summer run, the wild salmon sculptures will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to benefit nonprofit groups working on issues related to protecting wild salmon regionally. This exceptional outdoor public art exhibition is the most visible community-wide public arts event ever held in the Seattle area.

Behrens-Benedict said, “The wild salmon sculptures were designed by Sara Mall Johani and Tom Jay of Chimicum. They are the cornerstone of the Great Wild Salmon Run’s robust educational outreach. Wild salmon are emblematic of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. We are the beneficiaries of the heroic struggle of birth, life, death and rebirth of this iconic fish. The Great Wild Salmon Run shows how Wild Salmon and the environment connect. What happens to Wild Salmon happens to us. They need everything our children need ~ clean air, fresh cold water, a safe home and good food to eat. When we fight for Wild Salmon, we fight for our future.”

For more information, contact:
Heidi Behrens-Benedict
206-412-0610, 646-862-6059

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