Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 25: Las Vegas, aka Fin City

What a city to escort a beautiful woman through! We took Fin up and down the Las Vegas Strip for a good solid two hours of hot (yes, hot!) photo ops.

There were simply far too many venues to cover them all, not to mention the crowds that gathered the second we pulled up anywhere. But we wondered, what would our 25-foot first lady of salmon look like next to the Statue of Liberty? Or the Sphinx? How about a giant Salmon in front of a giant castle? And lets not forget the Eiffel tower, and the Belagio's famous water show!

People are going to want answers to these hard hitting questions, and we were determined to get the photographic evidence they desired.

So, without further ado, please enjoy our fave five from Fin’s time on the strip:

Our lady gets cozy with Lady Liberty

Fin attempts to solve the riddle of the sphinx

The Queen of the Castle

Oooh La la!

Fin really wanted to go for a dip, but settled for the Belagio water show

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