Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DAY NINE: Marin County Fair

Fin had quite a day today at the Marin County Fair. We were placed in the ecosperience section of the fair and quickly became the center of attention. We were surrounded by wonderful local environmental groups and were part of a game that kids played in the area where they did different environmental educational activities and were rewarded with prizes.

And then, at noon Fin went live on the CBS weather report in S.F., as KPIX Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzalez delivered today's report with her head sticking out of Fin's mouth.
I guess you could call it baiting a reporter! Check it out!

Seriously, the Bay Area is turning out to be an incredible start to this 5-week journey. And we still have ahead of us tomorrow's 4th of July parade and then two days at SF's Aquarium by the Bay.

One person we must thank is Paola Bouley, a Watershed Biologist with SPAWN (The Salmon Protection and Watershed Network). Paola helped set-up our Marin activities, and is part of an exceptional watershed protection group in this area.

Please enjoy this short conversation with Paola. And stay tuned for more action from the roadshow.

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