Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 29: Capital City

There is no way to do full justice to the last formal day of this amazing journey, and it was with an appropriate sense of mixed sadness and excitement that we began this day. Excitement at the prospects of the creature comforts, relationships, routines, work, and community that we are to return to, but sadness at the giant fish and powerful outreach campaign that we leave behind.

We slept last night literally in the shadows of California's capital building in Sacramento. We awoke, not only with these mixed emotions, but also with a sense of awe at the massive power contained within this building’s walls. We can only hope that our work these past five weeks has created energy that will penetrate inside the walls of power that can aid us in our campaign to decommission the lower Snake River dams.

After adorning Fin with our signs for the last time, we met with the local CBS affiliate for an interview, and then headed to one last farmers market. We were met with the requisite funny looks and questions, but something just felt different. Each signature carried a little extra weight, each answer was imbued with a drop more pressure than normal, as we realized these were our last opportunities of the road show to spread our message.

But as we climbed into our rig and pointed our Salmon definitively north, we agreed that far from being an ending, this was only another beginning. The campaign does not end here, it will need your support more than ever to capitalize on this new ground swell of support and momentum.

Until tomorrow, please enjoy this retrospective of our travels, and watch as Fin travels over 3500 miles in just over one minute:

Jeremy and Bobby

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jrsalmon said...


That was awesome. From all of us migrants who couldn't quite make the journey back to the headwaters ... rock on!!! We know those dams will come down and FIN will swim unimpeded to her spawning grounds. You watch ... it WILL happen.

Best wishes,