Monday, July 2, 2007

DAY SEVEN - The Oakland Zoo

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Raggs kids' show mascots rub elbows with Fin at Oakland Zoo

What better place to bring our lovely spokesfish on a perfect day in the bay than the Oakland Zoo, an organization dedicated to species preservation? We rolled in bright and early, and were positioned in their educational exhibit space.

We spent the day talking to many families who love serving and eating salmon and were interested to learn about the plight of their favorite food. Many were surprised that we were not against fishing and eating salmon, and we found ourselves explaining again and again how important this aspect of the campaign is to the long term survival of salmon. They are always shocked to learn how many more salmon are taken by the dams every year as compared to commercial, sport and recreational fishing.

At one point in the afternoon Fin was visited by the actors in the hit children's television show Ragg's. The actors, all in their colorful costumes, took turns dancing around Fin, and rubbing their bellies at the thought of eating delicious wild Salmon.

The signatures we have collected for our petition continue to grow by the day, and the word of our tour is spreading as well. We were visited by a large Chinese language newspaper and also got Fin's picture on the front of the Metro section of the Oakland Tribune. We will be sure to get those articles up as soon as we can.

Tomorrow we will be at a Congressional Field hearing on the plight of the local Delta Smelt in Vallejo, CA. So, as always, stay tuned to the blog for exciting developments.

- The Road Show Crew

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