Saturday, July 7, 2007

Days 13 and 14: Half Moon Bay, Menlo Park and Davenport

Another day, another awesome farmers market.

On Saturday, Fin hung out in Half Moon Bay, Ca., a sleepy little town about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Surrounded by local organic produce, fresh caught seafood, and belly dancers, we spent the morning and afternoon talking to the locals and collecting signatures.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that we continue to encounter amazing generosity from the men and women selling their produce, local cheeses and fresh-caught fish at these markets. Not only do they immediately offer up their signatures for our petition, but this is generally followed by offerings of fresh peaches, roasted nuts, smoked salmon, strawberries, cheese and other delicious treats. My personal favorite being the pluot, a cross between a plum and an apricot for the uninitiated

Our Saturday at the farmers market in Half Moon Bay was followed by Sunday at another thriving farmers market in Menlo Park, which is just outside of Palo Alto. This was possibly our most successful brush with a farmers market. Not only was it packed with interested people, but one of the sellers mentioned that we should stop at their farm on the way to Santa Cruz. We of course took them up on this offer and were suddenly enjoying chocolate dipped strawberries within view of the pounding California surf.

And the happy coincidences continued to roll-in as we met a lovely family from the area that informed us we were at Scott's Creek, which happens to be the Southern most salmon run in California. And it got even better when the family invited us to dinner at their house which sits right on the side of the creek. After we pulled up, I was given a walking tour of the creek by their seven year old son Rowen, who pointed out each little salmon that would over the coming months grow big and strong in preparation for their journey up Scott's Creek and into the Pacific Ocean.

It was truly a magical day and evening.

After a soothing back-country sleep, we awoke to deliver Fin to a photo shoot at the meeting point of Scott's Creek and the Pacific Ocean, and as I write this we are just pulling in to the Patagonia store in Santa Cruz, where we will be spending the morning and early afternoon.

So, tune in again soon to hear of our continued adventures on the road with America's favorite giant salmon.

- Jeremy


Anonymous said...

It's so inspiring to see that everywhere the salmon swim, people feel connected to them and are inspired to help protect and sustain them. Salmon also seem to bring out the best sorts of people- the kind that invite a motley crew traveling with a giant salmon into their homes to share a meal.

Roll on FIN and friends!
- Darcie Larson, back home at Save Our Wild Salmon central (Seattle office)

Marty said...

Thanks for bringing FIN down here. FIN got a good picture in the Santa Cruz newspaper and that will help us remind our local highway and water departments of the need to restore and enhance fish habitat as they plan upcoming projects affecting coastal streams.

Lisa Lyons said...

What a surprise to see such a beautiful fish making a road tour. Fin's helpers are awfully sweet looking too!!! One of them looks fairly familiar, but word on the street is that he enjoys eating some of Fin's cousins. They are planning their own road tour in the summer of 2008. It will be called Save the Lost Lobsters. Love ya, Jeremy. Keep up the good work and remember even some old folks really do care about the earth and everything on it!!!