Saturday, May 24, 2008

Big Fish at Big Fish

When you're in Dearborn, Michigan with a 25' salmon sculpture where do you go? Big Fish Seafood Bistro sounds logical to me. Which is precisely where we went.

We had a chance to have a great meal (a nice break from what we have taken to calling "Rig Food" which is what we're able to throw together in an RV). The staff was able to come out and snap a pic with Fin.

Bill got a big surprise when his Grandma stopped by, wholly unannounced. They were able to catch up for a bit, and took the obligatory picture by the big fish.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
Mom e-mailed me the picture so I went on the blog and found it myself. Thanks for sharing me with the Road Show info. Guess I'll have to put this e-mail in a folder and save.