Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fond du Lac

Wednesday was supposed to be primarily a travel day. But since we weren't going far, we took some time to go to Fond du Lac (properly pronounced Fon d'lack) to visit with Rep Petri's office. He's been an absolute rock-star on Salmon issues, one of the best leaders in the country so we were here to thank him for that. His staffers, Tyler, Clare, and David were excited to see Fin and really appreciated the visit.

The plan, then was to stop at a nearby thrift store, get JB a blanket so he could spend the night in the RV without getting too cold and then grab lunch. That was the plan, at least. The staff at the store were so excited about seeing the fish, they called the local paper, but Nate on the line for an interview and arranged to take some photos at Lakeside Park, downtown. In no time flat, Fin was on the shore of Lake Winnebago posing for some shots by the lighthouse. It was mostly improvisational in nature, but when you're on the road with a giant fish, sometimes that's what it

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