Friday, May 9, 2008

Goofing off in St. Paul

The Road Show finally pulled into the Twin Cities, and Bill was happy to sleep in his own bed. The Patagonia outlet in St. Paul hosted us over the lunch hour on Thursday. Ellen, the manager and the staff were very excited to have us. We were also met by former and current Twin Cities presidents Kevin Biegler and Steve Carlton. At one point Kevin mentioned a wishing we had a salmon costume. Well it turns out we do. Kevin got a little excited. A little too excited. (Forgive the shaky camera work. I was laughing too hard.)

While we found his antics amusing, it was a little much for this little guy to handle.

A little later some of Bill's friends stopped by to see Fin with their own eyes. Here's Dave, Amber, Barney, Bill and Michelle.

St. Paul resident Greg stopped by for a while, and good thing, too. Somebody there needed to be a little serious about salmon.

In the afternoon, and at Steve's suggestion, we stopped by Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine. Editor Tom Hagelson was hosting a gallery opening, and made some time to let us talk to the crowd. It was a great spur of the moment event, and it was great mingling with everyone, we had to run off to LaCrosse for our event there Friday Morning. We'd like to thank Steve, Kevin, Ellen and Tom for making the Minnesota leg of the tour a great success.

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