Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Fish on Campus

Not until our last day in Madison did we get a chacne to get on Campus. Getting Fin into place was a bit of a challenge, but Nate and Bill are getting to really know how to wrangle a salmon. We were hosted by the Wisconsin Hoofers
, an outdoor recreation/outing club on campus. They were a big help in getting everything set-up and spreading the word. Club President Ben spent most of the day with Fin and the guys.

Here's a big thanks to Ben and all the Hoofers who helped out.

In the evening, we had the opportunity to do some salmon tasting with the Madison Chapter of Slow Food USA. We had a great chat about the issues facing wild salmon, as well as some delicious smoked wild-caught salmon. Susan at Slow Food did a great job at throwing the event together at the last minute, and we sure appreciated the hospitality.

That's it for Madison. And as I said, we had such a good time, we don't want to leave. But, alas...

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