Friday, May 23, 2008

Saginaw, Michigan

Thursday in Saginaw dawned a little chilly and cloudy, but that didn't slow down the Road Show Crew. First up was a meeting with Rep. Kildee's local staff. Jim DeClerk from Saginaw Field & Stream and MUCC, and Jim Lewis, Deputy Director for Rep Kildee's Saginaw office (lots of Jims, I know) came out for a picture. Both Jims are avid sportsmen, and were obviously having daydreams of catching a beauty like Fin. Thank you Congressman Kildee for your strong support for salmon solutions!

The weather improved throughout the remainder of the day, which we spent at the Saginaw Children's Zoo. They were so excited to host Fin for the afternoon, they made up a great banner to publicize the event. It was such a great welcome that Buster had to come out to give it the official SOS Thumbs Up!

Being The Children's Zoo, there were, logically, children (Fin's favorite). Thank you Ann and all the staff for their help!

We finished the day with a drive to Mom's house outside of Detroit, where we were welcomed with some excellent pizza and a good, hot, proper shower, which beats the RV shower any day of the week.

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