Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reno, Nevada

After a slower start to the week, the last several days have been a flurry of activity. On Thursday morning we travelled down to Carson City to Edith Fritch Elementary. This was a re-schedule because of high winds on Tuesday, our original day. Now that we're away from the Pacific Coast, the students here don't have the opportunity to do Salmon in the Classroom, but they do have Trout in the Classroom. The students didn't seem to mind that trout and salmon are only cousins, and took to Fin quite quickly.

That afternoon we went to the Nugget casino for the Fly Fishing Film Tour. It was an evening of the coolest new fly fishing films, including Fish Bums Volume 1: Mongolia, by AEG. During the intermission, Eric Petlock, SOS Nevada organizer said a few words about restoring Salmon to Nevada. The highlight reel:

Friday morning we set up at University of Nevada, Reno. The students, weary from studying for fast approaching finals still found time to embrace their inner second grader and crawled inside for a picture.

Fin then dropped by Senator Reid's Reno office for a quick meeting and a photo. Here's Nate, Eric with Reid Staffers Nicole Trzynadlowski, Mary Conelly, Matthew Tuma and Victor Mercado

After the meeting, Fin wanted to check out the Riverwalk and Whitewater Park in Downtown Reno. How do you say no to a 25' Fiberglass Salmon? Exactly.

To finish off our stay in Reno, we headed down to Orvis Days. Lance, and the staff at Orvis were great, and even made us a pancake breakfast!

We're off to Minneapolis, Bill's hometown.

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